Under the Wire

If I were to confess here my all-time favorite  blogs I read, or perhaps my favorite bloggers, or better yet, my favorite people in the world you would find a recurring entry on each list.  She keeps vigil at My Mommy’s Place. Her name is Leslie. She’s not just an amazing writer, an exceptional mother, a caring friend, and a fantastic human being, she is also a most skilled haiku writer. Can that be verb-ified? She’s a haikuer par excellence. Seriously, no kidding. I’ve never known anyone who can convey as much in so few syllables. 

Leslie runs a  contest a couple of times each year called The Haiku Buckaroo wherein she invites bloggers and non-bloggers  alike to get their haiku on with her and enter the competition for the title.

If you’ve spent anytime reading me at the old place, you know I like to haiku too. You’ll also remember that I’ve been vying for that winning title every. damn. time. she. runs. this. contest.

So, I can’t let this opportunity pass without throwing my mish-mash of 17 syllables in.  Because, seriously, I want that mug.

If you’re at all inclined (Brillig, I KNOW you want a piece of this) then hurry, hurry, hurry and enter too. You’ll find details at the ever lovely, vivacious, talented, wonderfully sexy, totally terrific Leslie’s blog. But don’t take my word for it that she’s all that, go read her and see for yourself. You’ll be a fan. (but, uh, not her #1 fan, because that’s me)

Trust me on this.

It’s not forgetting
more like misremembering
Pay speeding ticket!
Little hands in paint
Drop cloths like Pollack paintings
Color for his room
my old memories;
not misty water colored
but precious. crisp. fresh.
there is a something
unamed, unearthly, unknown
connecting us here
He can count to ten
and onward to seventeen
but fourteen’s said twice
match made in heaven
teenager plus new x-box
true love forever
this country no longer mine
was I gone too long?
I adore my man
He tells me he adores me
I like that in him
Haiku for contest
I am drumming my fingers
and counting it out
Bright in my garden
the nightly dancing faeries
fireflies alight

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6 thoughts on “Under the Wire

  1. Goofball says:

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaah you made haikus! Yipeeeee yipeee the haiku queen is back. (may I feel a tiny bit proud for pushing you a bit to start counting syllables???).

    Oooh I want to see the pollock paintings 😉
    do you have pictures of fireflies? never seen fireflies…that makes me sad.

  2. patois says:

    So happy to see your ‘ku. Love, love, love them. “Always” have. Good luck!

  3. Leslie says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you entered!!! And thank you, Jenn, for all the nice things you wrote about me.

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  5. Cool haikus, and such truthiness on Leslie!

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