And so it begins

It’s the first day of November.

Around here that means two things.  The first, once written, may cause you to shake your head in disbelief, but trust me when I say to you, this is how it’s going to be. I’m going to be here all month. All month, my friends and readers. Ill say it again because it just feels that good.

 I’m going to be here all month.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The month that traditionally the gauntlet is thrown for lazy and vigilant bloggers alike to put a little something up on their pages Every. Dang. Day.  You can call it NaBloPoMo and as point of fact you should,  as tha is the name of the fun.  National Blog Posting Month began as a November operation and though it has expanded some to accomodate those crazies bloggers who want to try it all the time, November remains the month of tradition. And so it shall be here. I’ve done it before. I’ll do it again.


Here’s thing two.

November is the month wherein this family attempts to look at the big and little things to be thankful for. And not just on that wonderful day of gluttony but in all the days preceeding it. And, because we have a kindergartener in the house we like to do that with a little visual fun as we exercise our thankful minds.

The way it plays out is like this.

There’s a turkey, see, and he’s got no feathers on his backside. His picture hangs on the wall next to an (as of this moment) empty paper. Next to that is a bag full of feathers (this year we’re using paper feathers, but if you were really motivated you could grab a bag of craft feathers at your local craft store).  The action goes something like this:

1. Consider carefully the things [read as: nouns] for which you feel thankful.

2. Write something down on the sheet (can’t stay empty for long).

3. Add a feather to Turkey’s derriere.

4. Feel awful darn good about life because you’ve stopped to notice its goodness.

5. Do it all again tomorrow.

By Thanksgiving Day, Turkey ought to be looking proud as a peacock with all his bling in the back.  And everyone ought to be feeling ultimately grateful for what we’ve got.

Because in the end, that’s a lot.



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8 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Leslie says:

    You’re doing the NaBloPoMo! Yay! Me, too.

    I like your gratitude turkey feather idea. I may have to try it with my girls!

    • mojenn says:

      I saw that Leslie and took it as the inspirational kick in the booty I needed to get something happening here at this page. It’ll be fun. We can commiserate.


  2. We do the same thing! But not all month. I may try the turkey butt thing – that part might appeal to everyone.

    I am emphatically NOT doing Nablopomo and I may not be here every day. In fact. I’m going to write you about it today.

    Happy November!

    • mojenn says:

      I’m jumping into NaBlo as a way to blow through the dust collecting here. I am hoping that the everyday posting will be the stimulus for creativity in some other projects around here.
      There’s no need to feel you must come by everyday, Jen. You do what is good for you. I’m banking on this being good for me.


  3. How did we come to this NaBloPoMo decision independent of each other? Lordie woman your telepathy IS strong!!!!

    • mojenn says:

      Darling, we are brilliant. That’s all there is to it.
      And for the record, you must have channelled your energy to NaBlo this way. It struck me last night, just under the starting gun to get a first post up.
      It’s going to be fun!
      Care to Singular Saturday?


  4. Goofball says:

    ha, that’s why my feedreader had this unusual high number of unread posts after my vacation next to your blog!

    I don’t understand the point of NaBloPoMo though:
    my point of view is: either you have something to say and you have time/energy/fun , so then you post. If you don’t have something to say or you don’t feel like it , you don’t post.

    Why force yourself to post something every day if you don’t have something to say or don’t have the energy that day?
    Or why the inverse: if you have each day something to say and you have the time, why don’t you do so all the time???

    I always notice that in December all of a sudden all the NaBloPoMo bloggers fall in a dip and don’t post anything anymore in the first weeks. So clearly they’ve pushed themselves that far that it makes their blog suffer in December. that’s no fun either

    So anyway, I hope to still see your posts in December ;). Because don’t get me wrong, I love it when you post lots!

    • mojenn says:

      I don’t think of it as being forced to post every day, but more about forcing myself out of laziness when it comes to blogging. The truth is, I always have lots to say. What I lack is the discipline to sit down and say it, as it were. For me, every year when November rolls around, I feel like I can shake it up a bit and get busy meeting a personal challenge to stay focused for a full month of postings.
      I’ll do my best to not let you down come December.


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