Feelin’ it





Singular Saturday has returned. Want to know more? Read this.

Come and play if you like.  Links after comments. It’s how I do.

Thank me? No, thank you.


Soccer Mom in Denial

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6 thoughts on “Feelin’ it

  1. Yeah! I am thankful singular is back!!

  2. Leslie says:

    I’m too wordy for Singular Saturday today, but I’m sure I’ll be playing along. Especially with NaBloPoMo and all.

  3. Goofball says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaah I can try to beat my own record to make the longest title in the world in order to squeeze my ever lenghty posts into one sentence followed by a mocking singular word, laughing at my impossible title.

    Of course my record is in fact the Blogger beep when it tells me I have to stop typing in the title. Darn

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