Signature Item

Signature Item

Shot on Sunday

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11 thoughts on “Signature Item

  1. What a special memento of the Netherlands!

    • mojenn says:

      Aren’t they great, Bonnie? These were presented to me along with some other lovely, thoughtful gifts on my last day of work at the International School. The signatures come from my work colleagues. It’s a perfect memento.


  2. Lovely. I actually took a bunch of photos TODAY that would have worked but I decided to take the Lecturing Lecturn approach for this Sunday.

  3. Warren Parkin says:

    Clogs! And signed. You rock.

    I like the idea of Shot Sunday. Think I might give it a try. Have been wanting to do more with my camera. I may need a reminder. We’ll see.

    BTW Like the way you fraimed the pic, the lightinh as well as the emphasis on the signatures. It’s nice that you chose a part that implies the conuation of the whole and yet the incompleteness captures absence and farewell.

  4. Warren Parkin says:

    Next time, I’ll remember to reread! Sorry for the typo’s.

    lighting and continuation is what I meant.

  5. Warren Parkin says:

    Oh yeah, and framed.

    • mojenn says:

      Got that too. Framing is my one specific and personal challenge. I don’t alter my images as a general rule with crops. I aim to catch in the frame exactly what I am trying to capture in the frame. Sometimes, I even get it right.


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