Pulling out a plum

The question here is: can this post be written by thumb upon my mobile phone.
The answer, clearly, is: yes.
Which only leads to this: now what do I write about?

It was something I hadn’t quite considered when I opened the browser. But, let’s be honest, when have I ever been a loss for something to say?

My day has been packed. I am working to exercise my brain in new ways, using long untouched synapse relationships in the attempt to utilize that organ that offers higher level thought. I would prefer to be eating chocolates, but that doesn’t seem to be on offer.

At this moment in time, I am watching my youngest, Andrew, cavort and tumble around the mats in his Little Gym class. Nearly 14-year old Emma is sitting by my side reading Goldman’s The Princess Bride. I left the teen taller than me, Ian, at home raking the leaves. In the Missouri autumn, this is a job for the likes of Paul Bunyan. Just so long as he carries a proper sized rake.

And all of this leads me to what? Nothing, exactly.

Or everything, if contentment is the goal.


6 thoughts on “Pulling out a plum

  1. That not being able to stretch brain synapses by eating chocolate thing is such a bummer.

    C’s “Spanish” name is Inigo… from The Princess Bride. Inigo Montoya! đŸ˜‰

    • mojenn says:

      And now I forever pledge my love to C. I am always and forever the number one fan of Mandy Patinkin. His portrayal of Inigo was absolutely amazing. Poor C will have to live with this legacy and now, all my adoration by association.


  2. Now did you really type that entire post on your phone?!? Wow! And I so love Miss Em’s for reading the Princess Bride. Get her to tell me what part.

    • mojenn says:

      I did indeed type every word of the post on my phone. But not this comment. I am happily back at a keyboard for this. Thumb typing is a wee bit tiring.


  3. Warren Parkin says:

    Can’t believe anyone has small and nimble enough thumbs to type and I wonder if the phone was designed by a Darwinist to help people remember the importance of this opposable appendage.

    Onto the Zen thing/Jenn thing, I am happy that you find contentment in the common. Sidhartha found it too. I also try to find that womb of contentment in the everyday messiness of life. Glad you found it.

    Here’s to hoping we all find it again tomorrow.

    • mojenn says:

      I like the idea that my thumbs are serving some sort of renewed purposeful existence.
      And the zen thing is a lovely thought. Easier said than done, but once done? Ahhhh….


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