Coming around again

We call it family poverty season.

It has already begun. We are officially in the throes of the altogether-too-many-celebrations-in-too-little-time season for our little family unit. I shall mention them by name , in list form. Because I like lists. 

1. Nov. 14–Don’s birthday

2. Nov. 20–Emma’s birthday

3. Nov. 21–Don’s & Jenn’s wedding anniversary

4. Dec. 5–Sinterklaas or Pakjesavond

5. Dec. 10–Ian’s birthday

6. Dec. 25–Christmas

That’s right. 6 weeks, 6 major celebrations.  And we do our best to do ’em up properly. ‘Tis the season to celebrate the lightening of our wallets and the broadening of our bellies.  Because, with three birthdays, an anniversary and two seasonal celebrations, that’s a lot of presents, and a lot of cake. Happy memories, every one.

I think we need a song for this.

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6 thoughts on “Coming around again

  1. Lilacspecs says:

    Oh you guys are going to continue Sinterklaas in the States?

    • mojenn says:

      It’s in the plans for sure. I mean to write about the missing of Sinterklaas here as it’s been on my mind so much since he arrived in NL last weekend. We will have to tweak the tradition just a bit (as there is no Sint or Piets to be spied on this continent) but we will hold the celebration anyway. It’s an important one for us.


  2. Suzy Glad says:

    Jenn: I have the same exact problem!
    Nov 21 – husband’s birthday
    Dec 5 – Mos Nicolae Day (Romania) probably the same as Sinterklaas
    Dec 6 – daughter, Grace’s, birthday
    Dec 17 – son, William’s, birthday
    Dec 20 – my birthday
    Dec 25 – Christmas
    Jan 19 – son, Jacob’s, birthday
    Jan 21 – 21 year wedding anniversary
    plus mother and mother-in-law are coming for a little visit and need to be properly treated to a trip to the big city and that’s not cheap!
    Happy Anniversary.

    • mojenn says:

      I remember that you are a close to Christmas birthday, Suz! And yup, it clearly looks as if you exist at the same poverty level as we do for these months. Lucky, it’s all for super fun stuff that we spend, spend, spend. I suppose between your family and mine we are a stimulus package!

      Nice to have you here, friend.


  3. Goofball says:

    the rest of the year must be so boring for your family 😉

    Enjoy all the festivities!!!

  4. Kimmy Sue says:

    And you forgot my birthday…December 7…party on December 12. Wow! You are a party animal. Go do something romantic for the anniversary. You’ve EARNED it! Love you!

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