She must have been a beautiful baby

My pregnancy with Emma was the longest pregnancy on record. I am certain of it. Weeks prior to her arrival I was put on cautionary bedrest by the midwife for contractions which were coming too early. I didn’t rest as prescribed, I couldn’t really as I had nearly 2-year old Ian to chase after. Besides that, I had been on forced bedrest and medication for pre-term labor during Ian’s pregnancy for six long weeks only to get on my feet again at 36 weeks and carry him full term. Yup, all the way to his due date.  Stubborn girl that I am, this time, I took the bedrest prescription as more of a guideline and trusted my body to do what it should. It did, altogether too well.  2 weeks from the due date I was certain she was coming early. My body was ready, my capacity to remain pregnant was waning and my Mom had already arrived to help.  We were all poised and ready for Emma to make her entrance. Stubborn girl that she is, she waited it out.  Finally, and with the assistance of herbal tincture and castor oil, I went into labor late in the evening on 19 November.  Steady-as-she-goes contractions, expectations rose as Don and I walked out the door of our duplex to make our way to the hospital just before midnight. 

We arrived.

We checked in.

We mentioned to the nurses that my labor was quick last time.

The nurses hooked me to monitors, checked my progress and left us to our own.

Then they came running back.

Emma was on her way.

I like to say faster than a speeding bullet, Emma arrived amidst a flurry of chaos and confusion in our delivery room. No one was ready, nothing was prepared, my midwife hadn’t been called. In fact, she came scurrying in pulling her gown over her shoulders as I made my efforts to “hold on”.  And then, suddenly, after all the months of gestating, all the weeks of waiting, all the minutes of  holding on, Emma was there. 

Bald, blue, and beautiful.

After several long minutes of inspection, Apgar scoring, and rubbing some pink into my baby girl, the midwife presented her to me. As any parent knows that meeting your baby moment is unforgettable.  I can’t stop the tears as I write this, remembering.  Here was our girl, wanted loved and instantly adored. 

Our baby girl:

Coming home to a big brother who would worship her.

And a daddy who would forever fawn on her.

And no matter how many years pass–14 have gone thus far–she will always and forever be my baby girl.

Happy Birthday, baby Emma. I’m so glad you arrived.


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13 thoughts on “She must have been a beautiful baby

  1. Jami says:

    I’m sure Em is loving this!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both Emma and her Momma!

  2. Oh. Oh. I’m crying and I wasn’t even there. Happy birthday Emma and happy giving birth day, Mama.

    • mojenn says:

      Thank you, my friend. Blink again and your baby girl is going to be grown up too. I’ll be there for you when it happens.


  3. Kimmy Sue says:

    Teary-eyed reading this…and Rhoda, I didn’t think anyone looked as pregnant as I did…but then I saw your photo. We SOOO share the same life. Love you! Love your writing! Love your girl!

  4. teknofob says:

    Loved your story and the pics and your incredible love that shines through. Boy, the meeting your baby moment, that is an indelible one for me, instant pure LOVE!

    • mojenn says:

      Thank you! That moment is so precious. What a joy to meet your child for the first time, no matter what the circumstance. Unforgettable, that’s certain!


  5. Karen says:

    Jenn, these pics, this blog entry… officially made me tear up. I love and miss you all. Again, (in true Dutch style) Congratulations on your daughters bday! Again, Happy Birthday EmmyPie. ❤

    • mojenn says:

      My love,
      Often I think that somehow there was confusion in the assignment of Emma to a family. Clearly, she’s your sib, or your kid or your wonder-twin. We miss you!


  6. Goofball says:

    happy birthday Emma!

    what a beautiful pictures. I cannot get over the fact that you have a picture with Andrew kissing baby Emma 😉

  7. Warren Parkin says:

    Makes me remember the births of my children. Would trade seeing them come alive for anything. Thanks Jenn.

  8. Happy, happy birthday to Emma and a lovely day to Emma’s Mom. 😉

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