Peaceful slumber

Our bird died today.
As I held him in my hands
he took his last breath.

Em, Andrew and me
the full funeral party
sang “bye-bye birdie”.

We called him ‘uncle’
the celibate, doting, friend
to the mating pair.

Quietly he’ll rest
the sleeper of our garden
under peace and love.

Haiku for you

I used to link these to site which hosted Haiku Friday but as I can’t find that anymore and feel like I owe Leslie this link anyway, I am now linking my haiku to her place. She’s terrific, just in case you didn’t know, and just in case you’re not reading her yet, you really should. You’ll find her here.  In addition to being a brilliant writer, mother, wife and human being, she also writes a haiku every day. Also, it’s her fault I ever began writing them, or  writing them this time around, anyway.  The initial fault for my haiku obsession lies with my fifth grade teacher who introduced the art form. But, seriously, that’s a bit beside the point isn’t it?  I mean, how do you link to your fifth grade teacher, anyway?  Leslie is the originator of the Haiku Buckaroo contest which I have entered faithfully since it’s inception, but have yet to master. So, her fault, her link. Now, go read her.

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3 thoughts on “Peaceful slumber

  1. Very sad, Jenn. It looks like Uncle was loved. What a beautiful send-off. And of course I read Leslie! 😉

  2. Leslie says:

    Rest in peace, Uncle. I think the peace sign of rocks is a lovely grave marker.

    Thank you so, so much for all the lovely things you wrote about me, Jenn. I’m not sure if you’re like a black magic woman or just really intuitive, but you have a way of lifting my spirits when they need it most.

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