So bright

I didn’t drive in The Netherlands. As a matter of fact, we didn’t even own a car while we were living overseas. An automobile in The Hague is not only not a necessity, it is almost an inconvenience in many ways.  Costs for keeping and running a car are extremely high, and with space at a premium in general, parking space is an unknown entity in many areas.  In short, it’s more hassle than we thought it was worth to drive in the city. So, I didn’t.

Of course, it goes without saying that living in MO suburbia, the entire story changes. I have a car. Don has a car. Soon, our soon to be sixteen year old son, Ian will be driving,  and two cars for our family may not seem like enough. Trust me when I tell you that this thought gives me shivers and offends my green sensibilities. But I should leave that divergent path and stick with the post I am actually writing today.

I have a car. I drive nearly everywhere. School drop off for kindergarten, grocery shopping, errands, activities, school pick up. I drive.

I drive, I drive, I drive.

But here’s a little something I forgot about driving lots (besides having forgotten all the rules, apparently); driving lots means having the radio on.  Another something I didn’t do (much) in NL.  And listening to the radio at this season of the year means just one thing to me:  Bring on the Christmas tunes!

As far as holiday music goes, I am decently tolerant of the variety available. I do tend to draw the listening line if it’s just too many notes inserted into a phrase, ala Mariah Carey, or if there isn’t a whole lot of innovation in a new recording of an old tune, I’ll take the original classics over that, thanks.  However, I do love the tunes–pulled up from decades past and recorded by artists from then to now– as each brings memory of happy times for me.  Just this morning, with the radio tuned to the “ALL CHRISTMAS, ALL THE TIME” station, I heard one I hadn’t ever heard before. It’s a classic by a classic.

And now, it’s my new favorite.

Because, seriously, that red-nosed reindeer really deserves a tribute in blues.



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4 thoughts on “So bright

  1. I have a massive Christmas collection and I do have this one – it’s a wonder. Where I draw the line is “All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth” and “Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer”. I’m a real scrooge with those two. I have up a cool breast cancer dance up for my Music Monday selection today!

  2. Goofball says:

    As for new tunes, I can recommend Sting’s newest winter/christmas CD!

  3. I just LOVE Putamayo compilations. And I just LOVE that you played Music Monday. Lucky me.

  4. Goofball says:

    I’ve scheduled a singular saturday! 🙂

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