Ease on down

I am the mother of three children. It’s a point of pride for me, my parenthood. I laud it as the hardest job I’ll ever have, yet fulfilling in its own peculiar ways. And fun, most times. But hard. Did I mention that parenting is hard?

My children are now 18, 16, and 8.8 years old. So, if you’re doing the maths that makes me 42.8 years worth of wise as I learn the art of parenting. Perhaps by the time I am 100 years parenting wise, I’ll be pretty good at it.

As you might imagine, raising two independent teenagers and one ultimately special guy, we have some great family moments and very funny stories to share. And some poignant, heart-moving experiences that we hold close. That’s family life, right? We are a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and sensations; keep turning us ’round and you keep making vibrant images of light and color. There’s always a story to tell in this house. This is one.

16-year-old Emma took her drivers permit exam yesterday. And she passed. (Yay, Emma!). After our 2 hours of waiting fun at the Motor Vehicle Division we walked out to the car together, she a little giddy at holding a freshly pressed permit, and me a little proud that she’d knocked it out of the park with the test.  We drove out of the parking lot and then, a few minutes later,  I pulled over on a side street and swapped her places in the car.  She sat in the driver’s seat and adjusted her seat and mirrors. Anxious, giggly, with a tint of additional emotion, Emma pulled onto the road and drove. It wasn’t necessarily her first time at the wheel but it was the first time to be ultimately responsible for both the car and the journey.



Starting again.

My baby girl established her presence in the driver’s seat. And though the road is long, she’s on her way.

I couldn’t be prouder.

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3 thoughts on “Ease on down

  1. Lauren Lyerla says:

    Yay, Emma!

  2. goofball says:

    Yeay you get your own taxi driver now

  3. desertsongbird says:

    Yay for you and for your daughter! My 16-year-old has yet to take the test to get her permit. Her words: “Mom, I’m too busy!” I suppose that’s good that she’s not obsessed with driving, but it sure would help me if she had her license this fall. She could drive herself to evening band practices! 🙂

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