Who is this girl?

jenn in holland, mo’jenn, and now, j’az…

There is a backstory here.

 You’ve found the blog of a nomadic American girl and her family.

Originally from the western United States, the five of them moved to The Netherlands for a few years of adventure and personal growth and then returned once again to  the USA. This time to establish “home” in the midwest–a two-year stop filled with growth and learning. The latest chapter for Jenn and family is another return, of sorts, to the desert southwest from whence they first came.

Back where they started, but not at all the same.

Jenn is the mother of three stellar, albeit stubborn, children and is  22-years married to a delightful, delicious, and ultimately lovely man. She tends to talk about  all of them too.

Your thoughts and your company are warmly welcome.

jenn portrait


10 thoughts on “Who is this girl?

  1. michelle says:

    Did you like living in Den Haag?

    • mojenn says:

      I did. Immensely. I can’t say much for Dutch weather that can make it sound like an appealing destination, but the international culture and flair of that city make it a great place to be.


  2. Warren Parkin says:

    I’m waiting for you to write more. It’s the end of January. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  3. Patient? Some of us may be patient on the outside, but impatient on the inside. I miss your blogging. I’m no longer on Facebook, so I don’t ever “see” you anymore. I miss you.

  4. Ashley says:

    I have read some of your blog and have enjoyed it greatly. I too am from the states born and raised and looking to make the big move to the Netherlands, oddly enough close to Den Haag although its very hard to find information on that particular area…as well as the perspective of life there from someone not native. Thank you so much for sharing and bridging the gaps!

    • mojenn says:

      Thank you, kindly, Ashley. Please be in touch if you have questions about the transition to life on the continent! I don’t have all the answers but I can certainly make stuff up!

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