What else does she do?

Jenn’s stories from Holland can be found at Something to Say: About Life in The Netherlands

She also blogs at The Wandering Path

And you can find her photographs at Uncommon Vision  That’s where she tells stories without words.


3 thoughts on “What else does she do?

  1. Barbara Lyons says:

    Jenn, you’ve been on my mind, so I just had to check in with you. Surprised to see you are in St. Louis now. Welcome back! I enjoyed reading your blog, from the Netherlands and wish you the very best, as you and family settle down once again. I’m always so thankful for our visit in Leiden, with apple cake and coffee! All’s well for me, I still care for Bria after school and on other occasions. She keeps me young! She turns seven on 3-23, can hardly believe it. I visit every Monday with Akie and Jordan, at Bria and Jordan’s dance classes. The girls are both so beautiful and do so well with their recitals; not the shy little preschoolers you knew… Well, I’m so glad to take this time to write you, and I’ll look forward to reading more blogs. Take care, my best to you and your lovely family. Barbara

  2. Ravindra Babu Muppa says:

    HELLO Jenn,
    “Finding My Way” – Liked it much… your thoughts.. your world.. love to see some more good ones like… ” FOR TWO”



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