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My-my-my-my generation

“Woah! White out? Who uses white out anymore?”

“Um. I guess people who don’t have a word processor with a backspace”

“Uh, what’s a word processor?”

“You know, a fancy electric typewriter”

“A typewriter? Oh, mom. You’re old”


Table it

“So, Mom, you got a delivery.”

“Yah, I saw that! I’m excited.”

Why did you order a massage table?”

“It’s gonna be my Reiki table.”



“Are you starting a Reiki business or something?”

Yup. That’s what I’m thinking.

“Oh, cool. Can I be your first customer?”


“I’m going to tell all my friends. ‘you think 8th grade stresses you out, come see my mom’

“Excellent. I like that.”

“Oh, yeah, we are such hippies. It’s awesome.”


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