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Where the heart is

If  I am part of your feed, it may shock you greatly to see this pop up in the reader. I’m not sure I’m sure about what I’m doing. Or how long I’ll be doing it. Again. The one thing I do know is that my fingers are itchy to write, so that is what I shall do. Right here.

Quickly, here’s the sum up. We’ve moved. Again. This time a full circle return to the very place we left six years ago. And by very place I mean VERY PLACE. We are living in Phoenix, Arizona in the SAME HOUSE we lived in before. That’s a bit of a story in itself, and it’s one that might be told here soon enough, but for now that’s what you need to know. I am teaching, the kids are schooling, and my man has returned to the world of the courts.

We are living in Arizona.

We are home.

That, perhaps, is the very thing I wanted to write about: home. If you’ve read me much, you’ll remember that I’ve oft expressed the way my writing takes me where it wants to go, far and away more often than my own thoughts dictate the course of the essay. I am used to it. The only thing I know to do when my fingers itch is to get my fingers to a keyboard and write. Here I am.

This is what I’ve been thinking about.


In recent years we, as a family, have had a few of those. In a few places. Houses of loveliness and practicality, one which we still own in addition to this one where we live. In six years there have been six houses–or dwelling places–on two continents, in two countries, two states, and five cities.  Each with their own stories and adventures attached. And, here’s the interesting bit, we’ve been home every time, in every house. Yet, I proclaimed at the start of this piece that we are home here. And while I am sure there are many who’ve waxed poetic in a variety of ways on what makes a house a home, I think I’d like to add my thoughts.

Because I get it.

Home is not a place. Home is a heart state. Meaning, when you invest yourself in the locale, the culture, the neighbors, and the whole experience of the place you live you find yourself at home. For me this is a most defined effort to create and sustain a people community. I like people. I need them. So, whether I am living near my dearest friends, finding new friends in a new city, reuniting with people from my past, or even connecting with those friends I’ve not yet met in the flesh, I know that where my people are, that is where I am home.

Arizona, Missouri, The Netherlands; it’s all the same. Home is what I carry with me.

The house location just doesn’t matter.

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Making Her Day

She didn’t give herself away, the genuine smile on her face remained and there was no real visible rise of excitement in her cheek as I answered her “How can I help you today?” question with my matter of fact statement.

“Hi, I’ve just moved to town from The Netherlands with my family and I need to furnish a house.” Which certainly can’t happen everyday to a  furniture salesperson. Especially so in the economic climate, or cloud, the USA is under.

“Okay, then. Tell me what you’re looking for”. 

“Let’s start with dining rooms”. I said.

Then I shopped. Shopped until Andrew dropped (there is only so much couch jumping a six year old can do in an afternoon) and even as she totalled it all up and made arrangements for delivery later in the month, she appeared gathered and calm as if selling a full house of furniture to an eager buyer might be a run of the mill experience. I signed the receipts and sealed the deal. She just kept smiling. I had to giggle at her calm, really, and wonder at what her internal dialouge might have been. I am sure the words “ka-ching” had to be be intermingled with her thoughts as she  reflected on her work day.

So, all for all, it’s right that I got a handwritten thank you note in the post the next day.

What a difference a day makes.

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