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Shot on Sunday

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Shot on Sunday

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S’s R Us

A small note for information purposes.

Featured here on Sundays, (yes, I blog on weekends, why do you ask?) will be my latest brain-child for creative discipline. I call it SHOT ON SUNDAY, partly because I love the alliteration and partly because I was looking for a fun new challenge.

As to make any point I have redundant, the idea is that  ON SUNDAY I publish a photo SHOT, a photo which I take ON SUNDAY, not just any SUNDAY but the SUNDAY when I post the SHOT. Get it? It’s a photo that was SHOT ON SUNDAY. By me, of course.

My intention is simple, it’s a concious search on at least one day of the week, every week, to photograph something that catches my eye. Preferrably it’s a shot begging to be captured. Those are the ones I like best anyway, the shots that call me hither. It may not be amazing or stunning or beautiful but to me it will be a story that was waiting to be told.

Without words.



Anyone who wants to could play along.
If you do, be sure to comment and tell me so.
I will love knowing you’re looking too. And if you’re a blogger, 
there will be some link love action shot right back at ya.