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First of all, giving credit where credit is due, I would like to thank Allison, of Soccer Mom in Denial, for pointing out to me that this day happened. It’s not that  DOMINO DAY escaped my attention intentionally this year  (I mean, honestly, who would forget  DOMINO DAY?), it’s just that I am not sure I ever knew that DOMINO DAY existed, full stop.  However, now that I’ve Google searched it, I can see just how very remiss I am in this knowledge breach. And I am only being a little facetious.

For your education (and mine) I offer the video below.  I apologize to non-Dutch speakers as there doesn’t seem to be an extended video offering in English as yet, but you’ll get the gist of what’s happening. Also, I think you’ll get a kick out of the intermingled English inside of Dutch. It’s a great language to speak, Nederengels, as it can sound altogether familiar and foreign in a single sentence. The video is on the long side for a typical blog stop, but I promise you it’s well worth the watch. Pour yourself a cup before you press play and enjoy the massive (if only partial) display of the world-record domino tumble.  Yes, set in The Netherlands, 2009.

Beste Nederlanders, ik mist je zo. Gefeliciteerd met de domino dag! Hoera!

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Pardon Me

13-year old Emma and I were engaged in deep conversation about her middle school classes and curriculum. The two of us sat at the table on the screened in porch discussing a change in her class schedule which at first glance was causing her a bit of angst and worry.  As we chased together what it all meant (and as I tried to read not altogether too much into the drama of the moment) I asked her if she might like to have a tutor in the subject.

“No,”  she said, “I don’t need a tutor”

Six-year old Andrew interrupted, enthusiastically  “Hey, remember I had a tutor!”

“You had a tutor? When did you have a tutor?” I questioned.

“Remember, remember? I had a tutor and it farts!”

“It farts?”  I asked incredulously  “You had a tutor that farts?”  I choked back  my laughter.

“Yah. Yah. Remember? At Holland I got a present? A tutor that farts. Remember?” 

“I don’t remember, baby. What present? What tutor? What are you talking about?”   I wiped my giggle tears from both eyes.

Andrew began to demonstrate, gesturing wildly.  “Yah! I got a present at Holland and remember I opened it and it was a tutor, then you go like this”  He pantomimed putting something under his bottom and sitting down hard.

Light bulb recognition went off immediately. I  looked at Emma who held her head in her hands, a slight, wry smile upon her face.  “He’s talking about a whoopie cushion”,  she deadpanned.

“A TOOTER?”  I asked Andrew  “Is that what you meana tooter? Are you talking about the whoopee cushion that Kate gave you?”

“Yah!!”  He shouted, then giggled at me for finally getting it. ” Remember I had a tooter and it farts”

The conversation ended in fits of giggles and guffaws. I still can’t get over it. For her part, Emma never thought it was all that funny.  It just goes to show that the fart joker in me is just never, never, never going to grow up.

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